RemoteU - Hacking Medicine Pitch Deck

A few weeks ago I participated in a Hacking Medicine Hackathon here at MIT. I worked with a team of young engineers who are MIT undergrads. It was an amazing experience with such bright, young minds. For our project, we focused on the long-term care services market with the aim to make the life of elderly people and their families better by facilitating more interaction between them.

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The Daily You - Machine learning geared towards your communications flow

I recently put together a start-up funding deck for an idea that I have been developing with another Sloanie. This deck was used for my communications class and it leverages some graphics/ideas from the Hacking AI Slide Deck that I was involved with last month. 

The idea was born from me being inundated with information from the many communication channels that I use in 2016 (Whatsapp, Slack, Email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, School Groups, etc). I had missed some important events that I was very interested in and the only reason I missed them was because I couldn't stay on top of my massive communication inflow.

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