Hacking AI with IBM Watson Event - September 26, 2016

I participated in my first Hackathon ever - Hacking AI with IBM Watson.  I was able to interact with IBM Watson, which was incredible!  

On September 23, IBM Watson will provide their best engineers and technology to demo their Cognitive Computing capabilities and API. Diverse teams of 3-6 people will form to take advantage of IBM Watson technology, engineering, design, and business skills to solve a challenge of your choice.

My team consisted of 3 MBA students (myself, Malli Gupta, and Randy Capocasale), a MBA Fellow (Aejaz Zahid) and an Integrated Design and Management (IDM) Graduate student (Jin Wu).

Here is the slide deck for the idea we developed. It is a productivity tool that consolidates and schedules events by leveraging AI/Machine Learning APIs from IBM Watson (Natural Language Classifier, Text-to-Speech, Speech-to-Text).

Squarespace only lets you embed images so I had to convert our powerpoint presentation into jpeg files. I'd thought I'd share how to do this since I had to figure out this functionality in Microsoft Powerpoint.

  1. After opening up the PPT file you wish to export to jpeg images, click File -> Save As.
  2. Click browse to identify the folder you want to save the jpeg files to
  3. Click on "Save as type:" drop-down and select "JPEG File Interchange Format"
  4. It will prompt you to decide between all slides or just this one slide.
  5. Select "All slides"
  6. Powerpoint will notify you that "Each slide in your presentation has been saved as a separate file in the folder XXXX.